We started the production of model accessories.
The products are directly printed in 3d technology providing excellent quality. The first products are ready, these are the bombs from the First World War.
To begin with, in 1:32 scale, but they will also be in the 1:48 scale.The bombs are in one piece, without gluing, without filling.
Just remove the supports and paint.
These should please Wingnut fans.
Accessories (packed in rigid blisters):
32-A001 - 100lb HERL BOMB
32-A002 - 112lb HERL (early) BOMB
32-A003 - 112lb HERL (late) BOMB
32-A004 - 20lb COOPER BOMB
32-A005 - 230b HE Mk.I BOMB
32-A006 - Le Rhone type J
32-A007 - Clerget 9B
32-A008 - 12,5kg PuW Bomb 
32-A009 - 50kg PuW Bomb 
32-A010 - 100kg PuW Bomb 






Incoming in April 2019, 1:35 scale vehicles trucks

Incoming in March 2019, 1:32 scale Curtiss kits


Westland Wapiti Mk.IIA Lukgraph 1:32 scale.
Work in progress. Still a lot of work but we moving forward.

Our next release in 1:35 scale is Jeffery-Poplavko armoured car. Kit is almost ready. The kit should appear in early october. 
It will be very detailed kit: 
- full chassis,
- complete engine,
- full interior,
- decals (for 6painting schemes, Polish, Russian, Czechoslovak, German),
- photo-etched parts,
- color manual,
- kitset contain over 120 resin parts
We, present few photos of main body. Please enjoy.
Lukgraph presents another of a series “Special Edition” of vip aircrafts. This time it`s a blue sky-limousine Vought SBU-1, command aircraft in 1:32 scale (cat.no 32-15).
We dedicate this rare model for real fans of the interwar US Navy aircrafts. Kit should be ready in late October. Kit-set contains lots of resin parts (over 140), decals, color manual and etched parts. Please enjoy. Thanks.


Nieuport Ni. 29, Macchi, Nakajima KO-4
1:32 scale model kits.
Already available. Details e-mail or contact form.
Nieuport 29 C-1, Macchi Ni.29, Nakajima KO-4 1:32 scale soon..
Westland Wapiti Mk.IIA, British interwar bomber, 1:32 scale kit, next from Lukgraph. Works on the model are very advanced, expected time of model release at the end of August 2018.
The set will contain decals for 2 British and 1 Australian versions (profiles soon).
Some history here: https://en.wikipedia...Westland_Wapiti
Nash-Quad 1:35 product gallery updated.
Next release of Lukgraph, Nieuport 29, 1:32 scale. The set will contain a large selection of scheme paintings, including the Italian known as Macchi/Caproni Ni. 29. Today we present 3 of Italian schemes. More schemes soon (France, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Argentina, Siam). Thanks for watching.
Announcement of kits January 2018:
1:35 Nash Quad
1:32 Lublin RXIIIG
1:48 Hansa Brandenburg type NW (German service)
1:48 Hansa Brandenburg type NW (Polish service)
1:72 Albatros C III
Hansa Brandeburg type NW 1:48 scale product gallery updated.
Mamy przyjemność zaprezentować kompletny zestaw Lublina RXIIID w skali 1:32. Model jest już dostępny.
 Zestaw zawiera:
 - Ponad 140 części żywicznych (+ owiewka)
 - Zbrojone zastrzały i skrzydła, podwozie i podpórka.
 - Blaszki fototrawione
 - Kalkomanię (4 malowania)
 - Kolorową instrukcję
 - 2 naklejki 3D
We are pleased to present the full model of Lublin RXIIID at 1:32 scale. The model is now available.
 Kit-set contains:
 - Over 140 parts resin (+ windscreen)
 - Reinforced struts and wings, chassis and support.
 - Photoeteched parts
 - Decals (4 paintings)
 - Color manual
 - Two of 3D stickers
02.06.2017 - Nash Quad truck 1:48 scale cat no. 48-02. Kit-set ready! This is second kit of all vehicles series in 1:48 scale. The model has a very accurate representation of details and high quality resin cast. Gallery here: https://www.lukgraph.pl/?page_id=121 NQ 48-02 Lukgraph
24.04.2017 - Nash Quad truck 1:48 scale cat no. 48-02. Kit-set should be released in middle May/June of 2017. This will be our second kit of all vehicles series in 1:48 scale. The model has a very accurate representation of details and high quality resin cast.
24.04.2017 - VOUGHT SBU-1 Join to our gallery
12.02.2017 - Boeing F3B-1 Commmand Aircraft gallery added
02.02.2017 - Vought SBU-1 gallery added
29.12.2016 - Happy New Year 2017
17.12.2016 - Vought SBU-1 joined to list of products. Kit available on January/February 2017.
10.12.2016 - Nash-Quad Ammunition truck in 1:48 scale is available now.
07.12.2016 - Focke Wulf 56 Stösser joined to our gallery 

30.11.2016 - Nash-Quad Ammunition truck in 1:48 scale is almost ready. More details in the product section Nash-Quad 1:48 scale